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Mystic Aquarium, Huskies basketball, the blaze of autumn colors in Mohawk State Forest, skiing Mount Sathington in the depths of winter… there’s plenty to love about life in Connecticut, including a good old-fashioned New England winter. Well, as long as you can retreat indoors to warm back up. The heating services provided by Climate Care to homeowners throughout the Fairfield County area ensure your home is ready for the worst Mother Nature can dish out.


Heating Maintenance and Repairs

Unlike central air — which you could see as something of a luxury — heating is a necessity in Connecticut. And if you want your furnace or boiler to take good care of you, you’ll need to take good care of it. We even offer membership programs for HVAC maintenance, so it’s easy to keep your system cleaned, lubed, and adjusted year ‘round. Because things can go wrong with even a well-maintained system, we also offer 24/7 emergency heating repairs.


Heating Installations

There are many reasons to install a new heating system. Maybe your heating system is beyond what maintenance and repairs can help. Maybe you’ve added to your home. Or it may just happen that your system is getting older and isn’t as efficient as it once was. Before you plug in a space heater, call Climate Care for the installation of a quality system from Trane or Mitsubishi Electric.


Air Quality Solutions

There’s more to comfort than just staying toasty. Indoor air quality matters too. After all, the air you’re breathing could be full of contaminants and allergens, and many homes suffer from improper levels of humidity. Air that’s not humid enough leaves everything from skin to sinuses dried out, while high humidity can make everything from respiratory issues to mold growth worse. From duct cleaning to humidity controls, we can improve the air you breathe indoors.


Smart Thermostat Installation

If you’re trying to control your utility bills — isn’t everyone? — you’ll love smart thermostats. They integrate with other smart devices and apps, so you can keep your home the right temperature at any time of day — and from practically anywhere on the planet, if that’s your thing. They’re a smarter way to save money without freezing through the winter.


Heat Pump Installation and Repair

Heat pumps were once relegated to places that didn’t experience the kinds of temperature swings we see in the Northeast. They’ve improved to a point that they’re capable of heating (and cooling) Connecticut homes in a wide variety of conditions.


Duct and Vent Installation

Many homes we serve use radiant or baseboard heat. But challenges arise for homes that have one set of ductwork serving both heating and cooling needs. When a duct system wasn’t installed properly, it can leak and lose efficiency. But even homes with great ductwork need help, especially if you want to condition a previously unused space or you’ve put an addition on your home. It’s money well-spent, since our duct installations will serve you year ‘round.


The Climate Care Difference: Experience Matters

Since 2010, Climate Care has served the greater Fairfield County area with a full range of heating, cooling, and air quality services. Besides quality products backed by rock-solid warranties, we offer caring, knowledge, and experience that sets us apart. For help keeping your home comfortable all year long, call (203) 354-2020 today!







Services Offered

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Central Humidifier Install
Central Air Cleaner Install
Heating & Furnace Systems
Thermostat Install
Heat Pump Install
Heat Pump Repair
Ducts & Vents Install
Gas Furnace – Repair
Electric Furnace – Install

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