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Save Money On Repairs With HVAC Maintenance in CT

In all our years providing HVAC services in CT, we’ve never once heard a homeowner complain that the cost of living here was too low. You don’t exactly need to be a penny-pincher to be concerned with the rising cost of nearly everything — or to want to avoid the expense of a new HVAC installation — which is why it’s always a good idea to get in touch with Climate Care for HVAC maintenance. Spending a little on an HVAC maintenance program in Connecticut now can save you money on repairs later, and can also cushion a few of your other bills too!

Make HVAC Maintenance Savings a Habit.

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The Consequences of Poor HVAC Maintenance

What happens when you don’t maintain your home heating and air conditioning? In short, nothing good.

Higher HVAC Repair Bills

Especially on older systems, fixing a broken furnace in CT or getting AC repair near Hartford may occasionally be necessary. However, not all repairs are inevitable. Having your systems serviced annually fulfills two purposes. On one hand, you stave off many repairs. On the other hand, as we inspect your system, we’re often able to identify small problems and address them before they turn into something major.

Possible Home Repair Bills

An air conditioner or heating system that isn’t working properly can damage your home. Clogged condensation drains can back up, or divert their contents into your home. Higher indoor humidity promotes mold and mildew growth that can be damaging. Elevated amounts of dust can wreak havoc on sensitive electronics. The hidden costs of failing to service your system won’t stay hidden for very long!

Higher Utility Bills

An improperly-maintained HVAC system can still heat or cool your home. But it won’t do it as efficiently as it could, since it has to work harder to condition the same volume of air. That, in turn, leads to higher utility bills than you’d pay if your system was in proper working order.

Higher Medical Bills

A dirty system doesn’t keep its filth to itself. Your furnace and air conditioner move vast volumes of air every hour of every day. While they’re capable of filtering many pollutants and contaminants out of the air you breathe, a system that’s been neglected can’t clear the air as effectively. That can lead to respiratory issues, a higher chance of allergies or asthma, and several other health problems. In a worst-case scenario, a neglected burner can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, while a faulty motor can overheat and cause a fire. Keeping your system running its best can keep you safer, save money on medications, or even keep the doctor away.

How to Maintain Your HVAC System

HVAC maintenance is a multi-step process that involves the thorough inspection, cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment of key systems, while also replacing parts that have worn out with use. Most of these items are best left to professionals. But there’s one very important, and very simple, thing you can do between our visits: replace your air filters on schedule. This will help to keep more contaminants — dust, dirt, human and animal dander, pollen, and more — out of the air, and out of your system.

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Getting proper HVAC maintenance, repairs, a new central air conditioner, a properly sized furnace, or a more efficient heat pump all begin the same way: with a call to Climate Care. We’ll evaluate your system, provide you with a written estimate, and if you accept it, we’ll get right to work. Get in touch today!