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Ductless Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Maintenance in Norwalk, CT & Nearby

The latest phenomenon in energy-efficient air conditioning (A/C) systems is ductless air conditioners. As the name suggests, ductless A/C systems are a stark contrast to conventional centralized A/C systems that require bulky duct lattices for operations. Ductless air conditioning provides homeowners with a novel alternative for conventional A/C units when they don’t have the room or a budget for a centralized system. Despite their smaller size relative to conventional systems, ductless A/C systems pack quite the punch in terms of cooling specific areas of your home.

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Here are some notable benefits of choosing ductless air conditioning systems. 

  • Flexibility: Ductless A/C systems offer greater flexibility and control over the ambient temperature of individual rooms in your home. Unlike centralized systems, ductless air conditioning cools specific areas of your home at customized temperature settings.
  • Superior Efficiency: Ductless A/C systems are more power-efficient and compact. They come equipped with modernized ‘smart controllers’ capable of integrating with your smartphone and your home WIFI system for customized operational schedules.  
  • Quiet Operation: The smaller size and the simplicity of their design makes them significantly quieter than centralized duct-based systems. The reduced noise levels further enhance your understanding of home comfort.
  • The simplicity of Installation: It takes up to 50% lesser time to install ductless A/C systems. The reduced effort of installation also keeps the costs involved to a bare minimum.     

Despite the well-established advantages of ductless A/C systems, only a meticulous installation process can empower your home with the value it imparts. At Climate care, CT, we provide the following services for our customers.

Ductless A/C Installation and Replacement:

Get the maximum value for your investment by choosing systems that are well suited to the dimensions of your home. Our team of expert technicians will enable you to choose from a wide array of products. We also perform tactful upgrades ensuring your home gets the best air conditioning excellence at all times.

Ductless A/C Repair:

While ductless A/C systems are compact, energy-efficient, and easy to install, they are complicated devices with advanced circuits and software scripts designed to connect them with your mobile devices and home Wifi systems. Climate Care, CT technicians are well versed with the technology that drives these devices. From quick fixes to component replacement, we will have your ductless A/C systems performing optimally, throughout the year. 

Ductless A/C Maintenance:

As is the case with all mechanical devices, ductless A/C systems require periodic maintenance to maintain cooling efficiency. Our maintenance service packages will equip you with all the support you need throughout the year for your home cooling setup.

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