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“Oh, the weather outside is frightful,” but thanks to energy-efficient furnace installations in the greater Bridgeport area, plenty of our neighbours have been able to enjoy the best — and worst — that a Connecticut winter is capable of dishing out. These are just a few of the many reasons to contact Climate Care when it’s time for a furnace replacement.

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Types of Furnaces We Install

We install both gas and electric furnaces, each of which has its advantages.

1. Gas Furnace Pros and Cons

Gas furnaces offer better energy efficiency because the ratio of air warmed to energy used is much higher. The cost of gas is also lower than that of electricity, and these furnaces have a long lifespan, as we’ve seen. But installation can be complex if you’re switching systems, they’re a bit noisier, and they do require regular maintenance to ensure proper operation and lower the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

2. Electric Furnace Pros and Cons

Because they use an electric element instead of burning fuel, electric furnaces are lower-maintenance than their gas counterparts. They also last longer — up to a decade longer — making them a good investment. On the minus side, electricity generally costs more than natural gas, leading to a higher cost to run some electric furnaces; this can be mitigated in newer construction, where better insulation means less energy used to heat your home.


Signs You Need a Furnace Replacement

When should you consider a furnace replacement? There are six very good reasons. If one or more of these apply in your home, contact a pro you can trust!

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  • Age: According to EnergyStar, a furnace should have about 15 to 20 years’ worth of service to give. If your furnace falls outside that timeframe, even if it seems to be problem-free, considering a replacement with a newer unit makes sense.
  • Increasing energy bills: We know everything’s getting more expensive lately, energy bills included. But older systems have another problem: they simply aren’t as efficient, meaning they work harder — and you spend more — to heat your home.
  • Size: Your furnace needs to be sized properly, and your current unit probably isn’t unless we installed it. Many units are sized based on square footage, which often leads to an improperly-sized furnace that won’t be as effective in heating your home (especially if you’ve renovated or added on in the meantime).
  • A colder home: This can have multiple causes, since poor insulation, or windows and doors that don’t hang properly, can sap heat in the winter. But if you’re noticing it takes much longer than normal to heat your home, or if you see problems with humidity and indoor air quality, call us.
  • Frequent Repairs: It’s one thing to spend a bit each year to maintain your furnace; you’re protecting your investment, after all. But when repairs are coming more often, and getting more expensive, a new furnace can save you money.
  • Unusual performance: Like anything else in your home, your heating has its own symphony of sounds, its own look, and even a characteristic smell. If those things change — the flame is orange instead of blue, there’s an odd smell, strange noises, or signs of soot or scorch marks — you should replace your furnace if the problem isn’t a simple fix.

Boiler vs Furnace Installation

“Boiler, furnace… Same thing, right?” Well, not really. Each heats the air in your home in a different way. A boiler, as the name suggests, heats water that’s then pumped through radiators or baseboards in your home, which in turn heats the air. A furnace, on the other hand, heats the air directly and circulates it through your home via a system of ducts. Each has its advantages, with a boiler providing even, gentle heat, and a furnace able to use the same ductwork your home may already be using from a central air installation. The installation you choose will be determined in part by your home’s existing architecture and infrastructure.

Our Process

Our goal is threefold. First, we ensure that a new furnace is a right solution, opting for repairs instead when that makes more sense. Next, we size your home, taking into account its construction, square footage, volume, and insolation (inbound sunlight). Finally, we source a properly-sized unit that you’ll be able to rely on for years to come, installed by trustworthy factory-trained technicians. You’ll receive a 12-year warranty on parts, and access to the heating and air conditioning maintenance for which Climate Care is known and loved. For all your home heating and cooling needs, reach out today!

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