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Warning Signs That Your HVAC Unit Requires Immediate Repair

Even though HVAC units are one of the greatest contemporary comforts in most homes, they can break down any time. The wrong installation of the HVAC unit, delayed maintenance, and wear and tear can cause dangerous malfunctions. Whenever you notice any of the below-listed signs in your unit, contact a reliable Norwalk HVAC repair company such as Climate Care, LLC, immediately. Norwalk, CT can be seen here.

Burning Odor 

Even though the furnace is meant to burn, you should detect a burning smell. The common reason for this smell is a leaking oil that is burned by the motor. You need to switch off the furnace using the shutoff valve and switch off the oil using the switch on the supply duct. This means your house won’t have any heat. So contact your Norwalk furnace repair company immediately. Climate Care, LLC provides emergency services to get your furnace back to its working condition. Click here to read about High-Quality AC Repair Services in Norwalk.

Water Leaks

Some issues can only be noticed by eyesight. A leaking AC would imply a broken condensate pump or a frozen evaporator coil. Leaks from the furnace could imply a clogged drain or a spoiled condensation line. Apart from being a falling threat and offering a breeding environment for mold, puddles can signify a serious issue with your unit that requires immediate attention. 

From emergency repairs to routine maintenance, Climate Care, LLC’s repair professionals are well equipped to make sure your HVAC unit runs smoothly.  

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