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Your home requires controlled air circulation to enhance its comfort. The conventional approach entails the use of air conditioning and home heating systems such as furnaces and boilers. HVAC systems drive a more contemporary approach to home comfort. As the acronym reveals, this system performs heating, ventilation and air conditioning and is designed to give your home a comprehensive temperature control solution.  

Besides temperature control, an HVAC system plays a vital role in removing dust, airborne microbes, and odour from the air in your home. Improved air circulation, oxygen replenishment and temperature control worse like an invisible force field that keeps your family safe, reducing the risk of allergies and airborne illnesses.  

At Climate care, CT, we strive to give our customers the best value for their investment in an HVAC system. We do it by offering the following essential services:

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HVAC Installation Service:

The installation of HVAC systems is a detailed process that often requires the fabrication of mounts and other sheet metal work. Our team of NATE-certified professionals carry over five years of experience in installing HVAC systems in Norwalk CT. If you are looking for a clean and professional job, look no further!

HVAC Repair Service:

In a comprehensive system like HVAC, there are numerous components such as fans, radiators, electronic circuits and tubes that are susceptible to failure with the system’s age. A timely fix requires the services of experienced technicians who know their way around the course. At Climate Care, CT, we offer professional HVAC repair services with added benefits such as a same-day completion guarantee. 

HVAC Maintenance Service:

Our team of technicians has a checklist of components to inspect, adjust and clean, depending on the schedule of maintenance, the time of the year and your personal preference. Extract the best performance from your HVAC system with our scheduled maintenance services. Our HVAC maintenance service gives you the ideal balance between proactive inspection and value for money. 


Signs You Need to Call an HVAC Professional

Reduced Heat Output: Can you feel the lack of heat on a cold winter day at your home? Chances are your HVAC system isn’t performing the way it ideally should. A drop in the heating efficiency of an HVAC system ranges from malfunctioning parts to components needing re-calibration. 

Indoor Humidity: A drastic increase in humidity levels in your home is often the symptom of an HVAC needing maintenance upgrades. Increased discomfort and stuffiness are often telltale signs for you to get in touch with a professional HVAC service team.

Odour: When air circulation takes a hit, stagnant odours occupy your home. HVAC systems plan an essential role in keeping your home minty fresh. When you don’t feel that familiar freshness, it is time to get in touch with us!

Unusual Noises: An HVAC system comprises a wide range of components including heat pumps, fans and valves. Malfunctioning moving parts such as these emit audible sounds usually not present when your HVAC system is operating. All noises are red flags that require your attention! 

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