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You’re getting ready to sell your house. Congratulations! Over the last year or so, have you noticed any strange noises or smells coming from your vents? Is your air not as cold as you would like it to be, or is one room in your home too cold during the winter months?

A new HVAC installation may not seem like a high priority now that you have decided to sell your home, but that could not be further from the truth. 

How HVAC Systems Affect Your Home’s Price

Getting a new HVAC system before you sell your home could drastically raise the value of your home. Even though you may have to pay for the new HVAC system, the value it will add to your home can still make a new HVAC system a good investment.

A new central air system could make the value of your home go up by as much as ten percent. When potential buyers see that your home has a new HVAC unit, they will see your home in a more positive light.

How HVAC Systems Affect Your Inspection

The average home inspection does not include a detailed HVAC system inspection. It is a good idea to have a separate inspection done of your HVAC system. This is because more than half of your energy bill goes towards your HVAC system, so it is in your best interest to make sure that it is working properly. 

Benefits of Updating Your HVAC System Before You Sell Your Home

Selling a home with an older HVAC system can decrease the value of your home. If you are uncomfortable in your home now due to air conditioning problems, then the potential buyer will be too.

Many buyers look to see what big purchases may be coming, such as HVAC systems and roofs. The value of your home will go up and your home will be more appealing to buyers if these larger items are updated before you sell your home. 

What to Look for in an Inspection

A detailed HVAC system inspection is a great idea to have before you buy a new system. A professional can let you know if your system is working correctly before you spend the money to replace it.

A new HVAC system should also be inspected. As one of the most expensive parts of your home, it is best for your peace of mind if you know it is working as it should. A buyer of your house will also appreciate knowing that the HVAC system is working to the best degree it can work.

At ClimateCare, we can inspect your HVAC system and make sure it is working smoothly. We can also replace your current faulty system at a reasonable price so that your new HVAC system adds value to your home. Serving Connecticut homeowners for twelve years, we can improve your indoor air quality and replace HVAC systems and do furnace installations for you and add value to your home. Call us today for a free HVAC installation quote!