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If you’re the kind of person who likes to plan, you might want to know that this summer is forecast to be a bit warmer and wetter than usual. Nobody wants to sweat through the summer, but we also don’t want our air conditioning eating us out of house and home. So Climate Care offers energy-saving tips alongside our usual home air conditioning solutions, helping you get the most out of the season and save energy and money in your Fairfield County home this year.

Energy Saving Tips for Norwalk Residents

Saving energy is easier than you think, and a lot of it stems from forming better habits.

Use a Dehumidifier

Indoor air quality like proper humidity plays an important part in saving money. After all, too much moisture in the air makes it feel warmer. A dehumidifier cuts down on indoor humidity so you don’t feel hot and sticky even when your home isn’t that warm. If indoor humidity is a chronic problem, ask Climate Care about whole-house humidity solutions.

Stock Your Fridge

Keeping your refrigerator full of fresh fruits, veggies, ice cream, and cold beverages serves two purposes. First, there’s always something for a quick summer meal that doesn’t require a lot of cooking. Second, a fuller fridge stays cooler and doesn’t need to run as often, which helps to keep your kitchen cooler.

Change to LED Lighting

LED lights are great for a couple of reasons. First, they’re more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs, saving you money year-round. Second, they also run cooler, so they aren’t helping to heat your home when you’d rather stay cool.

Change Your Air Filters

Even the most efficient central air conditioner has to work harder when its filters are dirty, translating to higher energy bills. There’s nothing wrong with changing filters early, especially at a time of year when open windows and outdoor activity have a way of bringing dust, pollen, and other outdoor contaminants indoors.

Turn the Thermostat Up

The ideal indoor air temperature for the summertime—at least from a money-saving standpoint—is about 78 degrees. But every degree over 74 degrees you set translates to about a three percent drop in your energy spend, so every little bit helps. So does setting the temperature a bit higher during the times you’re not home. You can get help by getting a smart thermostat installation, which makes energy management easier all year long.

Take Advantage of Passive Cooling

Passive heating and cooling is a great way to control energy costs. In the winter, that means letting the sun in through the windows so that it warms your home and gives your furnace a break. But in the summer, window treatments like blinds, shades, and light-blocking drapes are your friend, and awnings are also useful. They keep the sun from warming rooms so your home is more comfortable without using as much air conditioning.


Modern homes are better-insulated than ever before. That alone helps you save money on air conditioning, sometimes. Why only part of the time? Because it also leads to the air in your home circulating less than it would otherwise, which can make it feel stuffy, and seem hotter than it is. So using ceiling fans and vent fans can help keep the air moving and help keep you comfortable.

Air Conditioner Maintenance and Replacement in Fairfield County, CT

A new air conditioner installation is an investment, but it can help to pay for itself. Newer units are far more efficient, so you save money over a unit that’s lost a step over the years. And if your central air, ductless split system, or heat pump is still relatively new, HVAC maintenance helps to ensure it’s always ready to give you its best. So no matter what you and your HVAC system need to keep cool this summer, Climate Care is here to help!
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