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It seems like everything is a controversy these days, and we’re about to wade into another one: should you get air duct cleaning in Norwalk, or not? The answer isn’t quite the yes-or-no layup it might seem, with countless HVAC companies, and even the EPA, weighing in. Let’s try to separate fact from fiction.

Does HVAC Ductwork Need Cleaning?

The EPA, which is agnostic about duct cleaning, states, “While the debate about the value of periodic duct cleaning continues, no evidence suggests that such cleaning would be detrimental, provided that it is done properly.” (emphasis theirs). Our experience has shown us that when it’s done right, duct cleaning is beneficial for many homes.

Here’s why. If you think the air outdoors is loaded with allergens and other nasty stuff, stop and think for a minute about what’s going on with your indoor air. Not only are you tracking outdoor pollutants indoors, where they’re cycled through your system, but there are all kinds of indoor pollutants as well. There’s dust, made up of everything from dander to dust mites and dead skin cells. There’s fiber from clothing, insulation, and upholstery. There are volatile organic compounds given off when things like furniture and appliances degas. You may also have mold or mildew from high indoor humidity or leaks, bacteria from past illnesses, rodent droppings, or animals (living and dead alike) that might’ve taken up residence in your ductwork. 

Before you go investing in a HAZMAT suit, call your Norwalk HVAC professionals. We’ll clean your ducts so you can breathe easily.

Signs Your Ductwork Needs Cleaning

Just as you need periodic HVAC maintenance, you’ll need to get your ducts cleaned now and then too. And just like your furnace or air conditioner has ways of letting you know it’s time for maintenance, your ducts will often do the same. If you notice that your home smells different than usual when the heat or air conditioning comes on, or that you’re breaking out the feather duster more than usual, call us. You should also get in touch if you notice streaking or black marks around returns and registers, or if your respiratory issues have a way of vanishing as soon as you go outdoors.

Norwalk HVAC Tech Recommends Frequency of Duct Cleaning

What if you aren’t experiencing trouble signs? Well, it’s still a good idea to call us. After all, you can prevent problems instead of solving them that way. So get your ducts cleaned every three to five years, and make sure that you’re remaining diligent about things like HVAC maintenance and filter changes between cleanings. Who cleans, and how, is just as important as how often. We clean your entire system, not just the ductwork; your furnace and air conditioner, blower, registers, and the rest all need attention too, and care needs to be taken to ensure nothing is damaged or displaced during cleaning. With our experience, the job gets done right the first time.

Other Common Ductwork Problems

Dirty ductwork is only one of many problems you may face as a homeowner. Improper humidity can wreak havoc, too. And ductwork that wasn’t installed correctly, or that has been damaged by improper cleaning, can leak or cause poor indoor air circulation. So we’re looking at your HVAC system as a whole to provide a solution that lasts.

Get in Touch with Air Quality Experts in Norwalk

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