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Spring takes a bit longer to make its presence known in Connecticut, but if you live in Norwalk or the Fairfield county area, you’ll be switching from heat to air conditioning before you know it. Your home isn’t the only thing that could use some spring cleaning. Call Climate Care and show your central air conditioning some love so it’s ready to love you back when the thermometer is flirting with triple digits.


Preparing Your Furnace

The first thing you’ll want to take care of has little to do with your air conditioner. You may not be using your furnace for a little while, but it’s still a good idea to have it cleaned and serviced. Take care of it now and there’ll be one less thing to worry about when the cold of autumn and winter returns.


Preparing your Air Conditioning

Now that the furnace is taken care of, it’s time to turn your attention to your air conditioner.


  • Start by changing your filters. You may even want to do this if you’ve changed the filter recently, since one of the first things we like to do on the first nice day is to open the windows… letting in all that lovely pollen and other outdoor pollution.
  • While you’re taking care of all that dusting and vacuuming, don’t forget to clean thoroughly around your returns and registers.
  • Tidying up after a long winter means outdoor cleanup. Once the landscaping is done, clear out the leaves and debris around the AC unit, and give it a quick cleaning once the cover is off.
  • Since standing water causes mildew and mold, and can also rust important components, we suggest checking the drains on your air conditioner to ensure they’re working properly.
  • Once everything is cleaned, prepped, and ready, turn the thermostat down and make sure the unit turns on. If it doesn’t, check the emergency shutoff; if there are problems, it’s better to identify and solve them while the weather’s cool, since we’re going to have a much busier schedule dealing with those who put off until the last minute!

Time to Replace Your Central Air?

HVAC maintenance is always a best practice, but you may also come to this time of year and wonder whether you should install a new central air unit. Here’s how to tell.


  • Frequent repairs: Maintenance is a fact of life, at least if you want your AC to be effective; however, if the cost of repairs is starting to add up or come more frequently, a new air conditioner may be the safer bet.
  • Improper sizing: Many HVAC systems weren’t sized properly when the home was built, while in other cases a renovation or remodel may mean your home has outgrown its system. A properly-sized system will perform better.
  • Age: Systems lose efficiency over time, and design advances mean newer systems are more effective than their older counterparts were when they were new. Couple a new central air conditioning system to a smart thermostat and you can spend less on your utilities while also being more comfortable year-


For help with air conditioning maintenance in the Fairfield county area, get in touch with Climate Care. We serve Norwalk and the surrounding area 24/7.