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Most Fairfield County home and business owners don’t give their HVAC a second thought ’til it stops working. We wish that wasn’t the case. Taking care of essential HVAC maintenance helps prevent problems, and paying close enough attention to your system as it runs can help you spot minor problems before they turn into something larger, and more expensive. Your heating and air conditioning are major investments, which is why we encourage you to protect them by calling Climate Care for the essentials—and not to wait if you notice any of these problems. 

Common HVAC Problems

Strange Smells

If your heat or AC smells musty or stale, that’s often a sign of growths inside your HVAC or your ducting. These contaminants don’t just smell awful; they can cause respiratory distress and illness, especially if you have a pre-existing condition like allergies or asthma. And, needless to say, if you smell gas, evacuate the premises and dial 911 immediately (even before calling an HVAC pro).


Air conditioning systems rely on coolant, and both heating and air conditioning systems require lubrication to keep running. However, there’s a place for lubricant and coolant, and it’s not on the floor or the ground near your unit. Likewise, if you notice water pooling around your AC, don’t wait to call us; that can cause air quality issues, property damage, and even structural damage if left unaddressed.

Room Temperature Air

It almost sounds too obvious to mention, but an air conditioner should blow cold air, and a heater should blow hot air. If the air coming out of your registers is room temperature, or isn’t as hot/cold as it should be, you should call us.

Odd Noises

If your HVAC is suddenly playing avant garde music—a cacophony of thumps, grinding, screeching, rattles, or banging—do not wait to get in touch for HVAC repair. These sounds are signs of worn, damaged, or loose components that will cause even more severe damage to your system, or even your home.

Short Cycling

Short cycling refers to the air conditioning or furnace turning on and off repeatedly instead of running through the full cycle and cooling or heating your home. Besides wasting energy, repeated short cycling is hard on your system, contributing to premature wear. Since it can have a number of different sources, this is a problem best left to the experts.

Poor Air Quality

Noticing poor indoor air quality? It could be that your filter is overdue for a change (it’s easy to get sidetracked). A buildup of dust, mold, or mildew in your ducts may also be the culprit. And to be fair, the problem sometimes has less to do with HVAC than with habits; keeping windows open while fans draw air (and along with it, pollutants and allergens) from outdoors can also be a problem. 


This is one of the easiest problems to overlook, especially if you’re diligent about system upkeep. If your system keeps running problem-free, it’s easy to assume everything’s A-OK when it’s not. An older system loses efficiency with every passing year, working harder to heat and cool your home. That’s driving up your utility costs, often to a point where a new system would put a significant dent in your monthly energy spend. If you have an older system, take advantage of the newer technology and the energy efficiency rebates that may come with it (we’re happy to help with that part).

Why Climate Care?

Get in touch with Climate Care for HVAC services ranging from HVAC installation and HVAC maintenance to air quality solutions. Our quick, professional service, our maintenance programs, and our professionalism make us the HVAC company of choice for many customers in lower Fairfield County, CT. If you need help with maintenance or a pressing problem, call us today!