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A handyman or general contractor might be fine for some things, like fixing a broken garage door, building a deck, or hanging drywall. But some tasks call for a specialist. Just like you wouldn’t visit your general practitioner for major surgery (and certainly wouldn’t attempt it yourself), you shouldn’t rely on a generalist for HVAC services. If you live around Greenwich, CT, we suggest placing a call to Climate Care for HVAC installation done right.

Why Hire a Professional HVAC Installer?

Wondering why you should hire a pro for a new furnace or central air system? We’ve got three good reasons. 

Specialist Knowledge

Just because there’s nothing wrong with the wiring and physical connections involved in an HVAC installation doesn’t mean it was done right. There are two common mistakes that plague too many existing HVAC installations. The first of these is sizing. On an intuitive level, you’d tend to think that bigger is better; after all, a system that’s rated at a lot of BTUs, or for more square footage than your walls even enclose, must mean it works better, right? Not really. Your climate zone, the number of floors, the quality of your insulation, your home’s design, and a number of other factors should be carefully considered as part of what’s called a Manual J Load Calculation.

Something else that’s often overlooked is the SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, rating. Simply put, it’s the relationship between energy input in watt hours and the output in BTUs. A higher SEER number lets you know you’ve got a more efficient unit; it’s also a more precise guide to efficiency than, say, an Energy Star rating, but you should be aware that units with higher SEER ratings come at a premium.

Product Sourcing

We know that a new central air conditioning system, furnace, or boiler isn’t exactly inexpensive. However, we pay less than retail and pass that savings on to our customers, so you’ll generally save money when you’re sourcing products than you would if you were trying to buy the system on your own and have someone else install it.


This is important. We’re diligent about our work, as our past and present clients will readily attest to. With that being said, you want someone you can rely on in the rare instance that things go wrong, which is when an HVAC installer with a proven track record really proves their worth. We’re in this with you for the long haul!

Choosing an HVAC Installer: Your Checklist

We’ll have more to say about how to choose the right HVAC installer in the near future. In the meantime, there are a few things to look for:

  • Know your needs
  • Know your installer’s qualifications
  • Ask for proof of insurance and licensure
  • Ask about their ability to help with the permit process
  • Ask how experienced they are
  • Follow up with referrals
  • Ask for everything in writing — a detailed contract that spells out all obligations on your part, and your HVAC contractor’s part

So if you’re looking for HVAC installation near Greenwich CT (or HVAC maintenance for a system you already have), don’t go it alone or call someone whose qualifications may not be up to snuff. Get in touch with Climate Care today!